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Cozy Coils Crocheting

Modern patterns to make your house and wardrobe Cozy!



Whether you’re just starting off, or a seasoned pro, we offer several crochet patterns that you are sure to enjoy.

About Cozy Coils Crocheting

My name is Paula Dworatzek and I began crocheting when my grandmother taught me at age 8. She said that I had a natural talent for it, and I enjoyed making a few small items. Later as a teen, I began an afghan, but it took me years to finish it. I was very busy with my family and career. I mistakenly thought I didn’t have time for crocheting. Now that I have found it again, I love it more than ever and realize that it would have provided stress relief over the years.

I started Cozy Coils Crocheting in 2021, with a small number of patterns for makers who like textured, modern crochet projects. I aim to grow my pattern base over time. I hope that you will find something of interest to you and that it will make you Cozy while Coiling!

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